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La Phantasia was launched at the end of 2020 in order to promote a new vision. Our intention is to consider creativity, arts, cultural expressions and personal development as a matter of circulation and propagation of energies. We thus focus on both body and mind, stirring and framing energies through experienced practices, and referring to past and present knowledge from all over the world. La Phantasia is then bound to combine forces, to interlink diverse actions, eventually giving way to new co-operations and synergies.

La Phantasia was born in Sète, in Occitanie (France), in a place where different spaces - metropolis (Montpellier and Toulouse) and "fringe" territories - are related to each other. Moreover, the spirit of the Mediterranean sea may naturally empower the activity of the company, by bringing neighbouring continents' and civilizations' symbolic and cultural influence.

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In 2022, TOON (The Opus Of Necessity) will be La Phantasia's first stage production. Eventually, this multidisciplinary project will define the artistic signature of the company.

TOON intends to explore our ancestors' legacy : by running backwards on the flow of time, this first work will try to discover and reveal all these forces that continually live through us. To dive into our down-deep memory and thus arouse fragments of the past, as flux, matters and colours. Getting through inner dimensions will unfold a story, combining dance, martial arts, live music and visual theatre.

Several research and work residencies are scheduled from 2020 to 2022. TOON is co-produced by French Collectif La Tambouille.

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As energetic arts are one of the main impulses of the company, La Phantasia is bound to get involved in educational projects, in different ways.

Classes and workshops are regularly organized by La Phantasia. Particularly : from September 2021, several workshops are dedicated to internal martial arts and Qi Gong Wudang at Studio La Nef, 15bis rue Lamartine in Montpellier.

Educational projects are held as well by the company. Among them : "Au delà du visible" (beyond what is visible) will engage high school classes during 8 months from Oct. 2021 on, so as to make them discover and enhance the memories of the elderly. By combining journalism and choreography, this project should enlighten our common share of remembrances and consequently restore a powerful link between past and present generations.

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